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The Brown Berets are a revolutionary Mexican American group that formed in Los Angeles in 1966 during the Chicano Movement. They have been active community organizers ever since, struggling against racial profiling, inferior education/healthcare, and other issues faced in the barrios of America. 

They have survived covert infiltrations by the FBI, LAPD, and ATF, being a target of COINTELPRO and other illegal government actions. They participated in Fred Hampton’s Rainbow Coalition in Chicago along with the Black Panther Party and Young Lords Party.

Although they have been known to have discredited the feminist struggle as secondary to liberation from racism and poverty, they played a significant role in serving their communities, educating the people, setting up free clinics, and holding direct action protests against police brutality.

They were big supporters of the United Farm Workers movement, the Land Grants movement, and the Poor People’s Campaign. They saw a resurgence in activity in the 90’s after the passage of California’s Proposition 187, which restricted education, healthcare and social services for undocumented immigrants






… with different degrees of struggles that we’re implemented by the pale skin via conquests using weapons such as warfare, religion indoctrination, and oppression. And then after pale skin set systems like this into our society, they go around and say things like “We are all human” and confuse “racism” with “prejudice” so that they can keep the system the same way for many years to come.

Shots fired.

You totally missed the point of this, didn’t you?

That were all human? No. What you missed is that it’s a dismissive phase that a lot of people like to say at times to dismiss arguments like the one you clearly missed.

Some of us can’t afford to live on fantasy island.

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